Babylon 5 Costumes
  The Minbari warrior cast uniform was my first Babylon 5 costume.  It is fashioned after the style of Neroon's.
  The outer coat is done from a handmade pattern.  Both the chest piece and the shoulder guards are made from hand studded vinyl, with metallic piping trim.
  Originally this costume was created from a character that I was playing in a roleplay game. She was a Minbari/Human hybrid.  The first incarnation had hair, and used a handmade bone crest made by my friend Debbie Barnes's husband David.  There is a picture of it in the cast photos area, specifically with Tracy Scoggins.
  The Ranger costume came second.  The vest shown here is not the original one made for this costume. The first was made of leather, and was lost somehow.
  The outer coat is made from the same basic pattern as the warrior uniform, with a couple of changes.  The vest was made by modifying an existing vest and adding the trim pieces.  I handmade the Ranger pin that I am wearing.  The outer part is made from carved and painted Fimo modeling putty.  The stone is genuine Jade with a light wash of metallic paint to give it an iridescent look.
  The staff that I made from a steel closet pole and a few plumbing supplies is shown in the larger view pictures.
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